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Joe O'Brien

For over twenty years, I had the privilege of driving growth and productivity by sourcing the best talent and establishing effective, modern workforce cultures.  I have extensive experience in change management, executive coaching, and employee relations.


My academic roots are that of a classically trained philosopher.  Through the years I have maintained a daily practice of studying and field testing what I believe are the most up-to-date interpretations of what is possible for human performance and achievement.


Here is what I have learned thus far:

  • The most effective leaders and coaches are fantastically talented at saying and living something distinct enough to foster change and yet familiar enough to be understood and embraced.

  • Sustained high performance is always about positioning people to be both effective and fulfilled.

  • Relationships that are based on mutual respect, trust and freedom of expression are the fuel for discovering our most significant potential.


My career has progressed from non-profit work as a priest, teacher, hospice volunteer and advocate for individuals with disabilities, to executive leadership roles in both publicly and privately held companies to the founding of my own consulting business. 


Individuals and organizations that work with me experience:

  • New approaches to talent acquisition and retention that identify and optimize what comes most natural to individuals and teams. 

  • New confidence and competence that evokes long-term excellence in personal performance and organizational growth.

  • New awareness to independently self-correct when not performing well, and the ability to make the necessary adjustments to ensure continued alignment with oneself and with all key stakeholders.

  • New capacities to self-generate insights, improvements and innovations that drives business success and creates new value.  


On a personal note, I am a happy husband, stepfather of four children, ballroom dancer, fingerstyle guitarist, reader, and obsessed student and discerner of how new technologies are impacting workplace performance.


PI Certified Partner

PI Talent Optimization Consultant


SPHR - Senior Professional Human Resources

GPHR - Global Professional Human Resources


BA in Philosophy, Gannon University

MA in Divinity, Mount Saint Mary Seminary

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